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Roof Inspection After Storms and Hurriances in Central Florida

Be Prepared and Know How to Respond Before and After The Storm

Before the Storm

Living so close to the ocean, residential and commercial roofs in Central Florida can endure large amounts of storm-related damage. Although we can’t control the weather, we can take precautions to protect our homes and family to reduce property damage and expenses!

In Florida, materials need to meet specific requirements to be approved for roof installation. Products need to be Miami Dade or Florida Building Code approved because of the range of storm severity in Florida. Before major hurricanes, we’ve seen products shipped from out of state, unfortunately, these products aren’t approved in Florida and can cause a massive headache for homeowners. It’s important to hire a roofing company who understands what is needed to keep a home safe before a storm.

Regardless of new roof installations, you can take your own precautions by clearing off debris from the roof, trimming tree branches, and cleaning gutters and downspouts. The best preparation is to secure any flying debris because the flying debris can actually do more damage than the wind. Many times a loose corner in a roof can become a weak link during a storm and cause serious damage.

Some homeowners wait to replace their roof after the storm, but it’s even better to contact a roofing expert before a major storm to inspect the roof. Experts can detect loose or weak materials, avoiding further catastrophic damage.

After the Storm

Even if you don’t experience an obvious roof failure after a storm passes, you can experience many troubling issues including leaks, torn shingles, broken tiles, and granule loss. Look for key signs like shingles in the yard and roof leaks as an indication of bigger problems. A storm will take its toll on a roof, and by not assessing the damage in a timely manner your home is at risk for major leaks, deteriorated wood/decking, missing shingles, and cracked tiles. If you don’t act quickly neglected storm damage can lead to worse problems that cost more in the long run.

After a storm, most homeowners are overwhelmed and we want to help make the repair or replacement process easier. We’re used to working with insurance companies and want to help you assess storm-related damage and assist you in getting fair treatment from your insurer. We will do a full inspection after a storm to identify damages and create a proposal. After the proposal is drawn up, we’ll typically meet with an adjuster if necessary.

We understand the many issues that can arise from bad weather and how important it is to keep your home and business safe. If you are concerned about storm season or have roof related storm damage, contact us today.

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